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Songbird FM creates custom, personalized songs geared towards your needs. The possibilities are limitless as we cater directly to the unique character of each individual song request. Whatever style or flavor, we have a versatile range of artists to craft the perfect song for you, a friend, or loved one. For every occasion, Songbird FM is your platform to get that special someone a thoughtful gift that will last a lifetime. Give the gift of music today with Songbird FM.

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Our mission is to deliver highly customizable, top-quality audio products to our patrons that express and embody their song requests. We will continually enhance our site and services as we uphold the highest standards in audio quality and integrity. Our mission is to bring smiles, one song at a time.


Songbird FM seeks to provide the joy of music through the meaningful songs we craft as timeless keepsakes for our customers. From the artist standpoint, we provide a platform in which they can further establish their brand all while being compensated in the pursuit of their passion. With creativity and innovation at hand, we will continue to evolve as a company towards broadening our audience spectrum, upgrading our content, and attracting new talent until we have rooted ourselves as the online community's premier site in music entertainment services.