Cooking. Love it, hate it or agnostic about it? It’s part of our daily lives and we have to deal with it. Regardless of your feelings, I can help you expand your knowledge, show and help you realize how fun it can be to cook or get you off of the fence and open a new world for you. I can take you from Alfredo to Zabaglione in your own kitchen.

I will work with you or someone else to become a better cook who will be recognized for your talent and knowledge. I will work with all ages and skill levels to get them going or move them along the wonderful world of food preparation and cooking.

Instruction can be for you, a spouse, a teen headed to college or a young adult going off on their own who needs to learn basic cooking skills. I can tailor lessons for those who have little if any skills to those who want to expand and improve their skills or knowledge. We will work together in a fun atmosphere that will give you and others great satisfaction at your ability.

I can purchase unprepared food for a lesson or we can work with what you have or what you want to buy yourself. We can schedule lessons for yourself or a small group. I will work with you to develop a plan that you are comfortable with and that meets your needs whether for normal meal preparation, party foods, advance preparation for later use or anything else you need.

Below are sample topics that we can cover. If you have other things that you want to try, I will discuss it with you and we will tackle them.

Food Types
Meats   Poultry   Seafood   Starches   Desserts   Cooking Styles   Outdoor   Specialty   Types of Cooking
Beef Chicken / Game Hen Fish Grains Fruits French Grilling / Rotisserie Stir Fry Baking
Lamb Duck Shellfish and bi-valves Pastas Specialities Italian Smoking / BBQing Tagine Boiling
Pork Goose Clams American     Braising
Veal Turkey Lobster Broiling
Mussels Grilling
Scallops Roasting
Shrimp Sautéing

Ethnic and specialty foods
Complete meals and side dishes
Food Groups
Please call me for a consultation at which time we can discuss what you want to achieve, food purchasing options, cooking sessions, etc.

Thank you and I look forward to working with you in the future.

Dick Ziegler